Jenn Landers, Aug. 4, 2020

Ms. Vincent assisted us with an urgent legal matter and I cannot tell you how appreciative we are for her knowledge, resourcefulness and tenacity. I would highly recommend her for any legal matter she handles, she is truly amazing. She was quick to respond, easy to communicate with and came up with some really great solutions for a dear friend. Thank you again for your help!

Brian Peterson, Jan. 7, 2020

Deborah Vincent has been an absolute warrior for me. She was able to track down my ex-girlfriend’s daughter (Tiff) who I had loaned $5000 to buy a jeep.  Needless to say she immediately reneged on the loan and I thought all was lost since I was in Hawaii and she was in Arizona.

Deborah was recommended by an attorney friend here in Hawaii.  She was able to track her down and eventually got the jeep auctioned. Even though I only got around half back after everything was said and done, I cannot put a price on the satisfaction I got when Tiff got fired from her bank job because she was served with a Writ of Garnishment that Deborah prepared.

She went way beyond the call and would actually drive by Tiff’s residence to confirm her address to assist the process service. 

I will be forever grateful to her and highly recommend her!

Keith Boyd


Keith Y. Boyd, Attorney at Law on Jan 19, 2016—

“I endorse this lawyer. I have worked with Deborah Vincent on many cases since 2009 involving complex legal issues related to real estate sales, leasing, and financing, in addition to several land use matters. Her knowledge of the law and procedure is outstanding. I have also found that her research skills surpass the majority of attorneys I have worked with in the past. She has a sharp analytical mind and is able to grasp and apply legal principles in creative ways to solve even the most complex problems presented by clients.”

Darcy on Jan 6, 2016—

“Ms. Vincent was knowledgeable and professional and most certainly worth the investment. She helped us clearly plan a strategy to best move forward from our difficult situation. I have recommended her personally more than once. Our friend who consulted with her after our recommendation was also pleased.”

Brandon Rennie Picture
Brandon Rennie


Brandon Rennie, Attorney at Law on Jan 19, 2016

“Deborah Vincent is an exceptional lawyer. She is very accomplished in numerous areas of law. She is also compassionate and cares about providing the best representation that she can. I would highly recommend her.”

Susanne Feigum


Susanne Feigum, Attorney at Law on Jan 7, 2016—

“Deborah Vincent is an outstanding lawyer. Her tenacity is legendary, her lifetime of business and legal experience invaluable. She is a brilliant strategist, and she leaves no stone unturned in the search for the best legal outcome for her clients. I recommend her without reservation.”

Karen L., Retired Sr. Deputy District Attorney on Jan 7, 2016—

“I had the pleasure of working with Attorney Deborah Vincent at the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office. She approached every situation with dedication, intelligence, confidence and never backed down from a difficult case or going to trial. If you want an honest attorney who will represent “you” 100%, this is your attorney.”

Sheila On Jan. 7, 2016—

You were a GREAT help to me, Debbie, with your referral to the right person for my needs.”