Practice Areas

Oregon lawyer Deborah K. Vincent can give you legal assistance in the areas of bankruptcy, collections, real estate, small claims and more.
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Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11. When consumer or business debt is burying you, let Oregon Bankruptcy Attorney, Deborah K. Vincent help you, using the protections available through the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Learn more…


FOR CONSUMER DEBT, please review this notice: Notice to Consumer Debtors.  Also, “We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.” 


Filing Foreign judgments in Oregon, preparation of Writ of Garnishment, creditor’s rights, levying on bank accounts, Writ of Execution on debtor’s personal property, garnishment of wages, levying on intangible personal property, lien on real property, foreclosure. Learn more…

Real Estate

Land use zoning and planning, land use Board of Appeals (LUBA) cases, litigation, boundary disputes, adverse possession, easements, purchase and sale transactions, foreclosure, construction defects, preparation of deeds, quit claim deed. Learn more…


Construction Contracts, services contracts, purchase and sale agreement, promissory notes, formation of business, dissolution of business, Articles of Incorporation, LLC operating agreements

Criminal Defense

Driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII), municipal charges, misdemeanor and felony charges in Circuit Court, arraignment, plea deals with the District Attorney, failure to appear, hiring a criminal defense lawyer, expungement of arrest record or conviction record, obtaining police reports, your rights as a criminal defendant


Residential lease agreement, assignment of lease, sublease, demand for rent, notice to terminate tenancy, amendment to lease, uninhabitable conditions, tenants rights, landlord’s rights


      Qualifying Landlord Reason (QLR) for Eviction of Tenants Despite the COVID-19 Moratoriums

Divorce and Family

Filing for Divorce, child support, spousal support, child custody, support modification (child or spouse), prenuptial agreements, uncontested divorce, legal separation, protective orders

Small Claims

How to file, review of claims, forms, limitations

Small Claims Forms for Plaintiffs
Form Name/PacketType of Document
Small Claim and Notice of Small ClaimiForm
Instructions for Inmate PlaintiffsPDF
Small Claim and Notice of Small ClaimPDF
Motion for DefaultPDF
Certificate of Service by MailPDF
Small Claim AgreementPDF
Small Claim Judgment & Money AwardPDF
Declaration of Non-Compliance & Request for JudgmentPDF
Small Claims Forms for Defendants
Form Name/PacketType of Document
Defendant’s ResponseiForm
Instructions for Responding to a Small ClaimPDF
Defendant’s ResponsePDF
General Civil Forms
Form Name/PacketType of Document
Consumer Debt Collection Disclosure (UTCR 5.180(2))PDF
Declaration of Non-Military Service (Default)PDF
Acceptance of ServicePDF
Certificate of ServicePDF
Certificate of Service MailingPDF
Satisfaction of Money AwardiForm
UTCR 5.100 Notice of ReadinessPDF
Satisfaction of Money AwardPDF