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CAUTION! If your case involves complicated legal issues, you may seriously harm your legal rights if you use these forms without consulting with a lawyer. You are strongly urged to talk to a lawyer. You may select and use these free forms below to help yourself, but we suggest you seek the low cost legal advice and consultation services offered on this website. Using forms developed by the State of Oregon, we can help you determine which forms are appropriate, how to complete the form, review the completed form(s) prior to you filing them, and help you manage the process you are going through. When you complete all of the steps in the online registration and ask a lawyer by email or phone consultation, we can provide you with legal advice and provide any appropriate forms for your use in our answer.


Oregon Secretary of State Business Registration Forms

Oregon Judicial Department Forms for Family Law, Domestic Violence, Stalking & Abuse, Criminal and Violations, Civil Law, including Small Claims, and evictions (FEDs)

Uniform Trial Court Rules (UTCR) by County.  Many Counties have forms contained within their rules.

Family Law Forms – Oregon

Landlord-Tenant Forms

Legal Forms for Deschutes County Residents only.  You must obtain a library card to access these forms.

Oregon Department of Justice – Child Support Enforcement Forms

U.S. District Court  District of Oregon (Federal Court)

United States Bankruptcy Court Oregon – Official Bankruptcy Forms

Official bankruptcy forms are approved by the Judicial Conference of the United States for use in all bankruptcy courts.  Commonly used official bankruptcy forms include the petition, all schedules, and reaffirmation agreement forms.

Oregon Department of Justice – Child Support Enforcement Forms