“80% of the U.S. Population can’t afford the cost of legal services and are unserved or underserved by the legal profession.” An American Bar Association study shows at least 40% of low and moderate-income households experience a legal problem each year. Yet 80% of their legal needs are not met. Using online tools increases the profession’s ability to provide greater access to legal services, especially in Oregon.”

This website serves as a Virtual Law Office and offers substantial cost savings to clients who would like to pay flat fees for legal advice. We use online technology to deliver unbundled legal services to the modest and moderate means residents of Oregon.

Deborah K. Vincent - Oregon Lawyer
Deborah K. Vincent, Attorney



Deborah K. Vincent, an Oregon licensed attorney, can help you identify and address the root of your legal matter, provide guidance on how you may proceed, and suggest where to go to get additional help.
This website can be a great service to those seeking answers to legal questions.

Options that fit your needs, at a price you can afford—


DISCLAIMER: The services on this website exclude all time sensitive cases. For instance, if the statute of limitations is ready to run out on your case, or you have an appearance in court within a week of your inquiry, you should not use this website to obtain legal advice. You should see an attorney in your local area immediately so as not to affect your legal rights.
NOTICE: YOU MUST BE AN OREGON RESIDENT OR HAVE A LEGAL ISSUE ARISING IN OREGON IN ORDER TO RECEIVE LEGAL SERVICES THROUGH THIS WEBSITE. If you live in a county found on the map below, we can help you.  If you live outside of Oregon, but have a legal issue arising in Oregon, we can help you.

 Map of Oregon counties - Oregon Lawyer Online



When you ask a lawyer on most of the national legal services websites, you get legal advice from lawyers not even licensed in the State of Oregon answering you. How reliable can those answers be if they don’t even know Oregon law and are not licensed in Oregon? Furthermore, the websites always disclaim that they are not responsible for the lawyers answering you and do not endorse any of the lawyers using their website platform.

Fortunately for you, this website offers the expertise of  a licensed Oregon lawyer giving you legal advice on Oregon law and treating you as a client. When you are a “client” it means that you will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality, ethics and professionalism, required by the Oregon State Bar.

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